How do you see invoicing in future?

I’m looking forward and waiting for some development into electronic invoicing market. Maybe electronic invoicing could be more efficient, faster and more synchronized with other business software. Nowadays invoicing is developed enough. But still people want to go further and create new gadgets and solutions for business. I don’t know exactly how new invoicing software could look like. But I have my special requirements that will improve the quality of my everyday job.

First of all I would like my software to be faster. It concerns incoming payments. I receive payments via PayPal. Payments are registered automatically in the invoicing software, which changes also the status of the invoice. So the problem is with the speed of these incoming payments. Payment comes to me approximately 20 minutes after customer has paid. I understand that payment should be processed and everything should be checked, but it is annoying me. Sometimes customer wants to receive products as soon as possible, so 20 minutes are not in my interests. Actually it is not a disadvantage of my invoicing software, but still I want this to be fixed in future.

Next thing I’m not happy with is invoice templates. I think everyone is fully satisfied with templates, which are provided by invoicing software. But I am more exacting user. I’m sending different kind of packages to customer, so I need to have invoices of different sizes and layouts. Of course I know that I can contact support team and ask for special templates. But it will cost additional money, which I don’t want to pay. So I am waiting for some software with plenty of unnecessary features and useful for me templates.

There are some more small things, which I would like to be improved in future. Maybe other people even don’t notice small thing what I am talking about. I am perfectionist, so I notice every small disadvantage. When my friends are buying car or apartment they are asking me to look before purchase, so I could find all disadvantages and shortcomings. I was even thinking of changing my job. Actually I don’t try to find disadvantages in everything on purpose, I just see them. What about invoicing software, use it and enjoy it or change it if it doesn’t fit you!

6 Aug 2012